Vertical Farming, Greenhouses and Traditional Agriculture
The way forward – for more food, for better food, for all! The history of agriculture and horticulture is largely one of biological and technological innovation and development. There is a long line of progress from the domestication of ancient grains to advanced machinery in farming, to CRISPR for plant breeding and ever-more efficient LED lighting. Plant growers, plant scientists, engineers and innovators have continually made crops more productive and more resilient to disturbances. The biological and technical methods for their production have also increased yields, without increasing resource use in the same proportion.
June 20, 2021
How We're Re-Imaging Saffron Production With Cutting-Edge Technology
Most of us here at BlueRedGold have a background in IT-development and engineering. Deploying our problem-solving approach to saffron production gave us a clear picture that growing saffron was a great starting point for us to reimagine and set a new benchmark for green foods production. Reverse engineering the production cycle and its related operational procedures, we found that there were improvements to be made at basically every step of the process. As such, our approach to saffron production is completely new and based around a controlled environment vertical farm.
June 20, 2021
How to Use AI to Maximize Efficiency in Indoor Farming
BlueRedGold was founded to deliver on a number of technological advancements aimed at increasing the efficiency of indoor farming. Firstly, we build robots that are specialized at handling very delicate plants and monitoring their health. For instance, we use hyperspectral cameras to understand the chemical composition of plants and the environment surrounding them. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly in the grand scheme of things, we use AI to optimize things. Now, it’s worth specifying exactly what we mean by both AI and optimization.
June 15, 2021
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