Innovating sustainable green foods production
Mikael Öhman
CEO & Co-Founder

Operations Expert and food tech developer

Robert Luciani
CTO & Co-Founder

AI/robotics engineer, IT-Entrepreneur with experience developing enterprise grade tech-solutions.

Björn Öste
Co-Founder of Oatly

Business development expert in the areas of sustainable nutritional health, oats and non-dairy industries.

Filip van Noort
Wageningen - Plant Research

Over 30 years experience as crop specialist. Filip brings tremendous amount of experience to the table in terms of indoor farming and crop production. His experience with tropical crops and saffron makes us able to really think outside the box.

Arca Kromwijk
Wageningen - Plant Research

Over 30 years experience of researching in plant physiology, cut flowers, pot plants and with bulb crops as specialization. Arca is one of very few people who has done research in growing saffron indoors.

Oscar Österberg
Hera Vincent

Over 30 years of experience in construction, and a team with experience in architecture, mechanics and complex industrial solutions.

Ulf E Andersson
Svensk Framtidsbevakning

Advisor on our environmental impact. Provides dialogue support with a good network of urban agriculture stakeholders.

Velisarios Myloulis

Data Scientist with experience in applied AI, computer vision, data analysis, and high performance computing.

Alejandro Garcia

Data Engineer with experience in embedded systems, IoT, and robotic process automation, and cloud services.

Jeanette Lidman
Järfälla Redovisning

Senior accountant with a specializing in early stage scale-out cash flow modelling.

Leonard Eastgrove
Digital Mercenary

Communications and brand strategist specializing in digital channels, online education, and social media operations.

Fahimeh Shaban
Digital Mercenary

Market researcher and digital content creator with insights and experience in food and beverage saffron markets

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