A new paradigm for saffron Production

As of today almost all saffron being produced is done so on traditional outdoor farms and picked by hand at the end of summer. The saffron spice comes from the flower Crocus Sativus, and consist of the three red stigma that sprout from the center of it's corolla.

Due to low labor costs and sandy soil almost the entirety of the yearly yield comes from Iran and few other regions in the northern parts of Asia. Hence the amount of saffron produced can vary a lot from year to year due to the effects of climate change causing extreme drought during the flowering season.

Our approach to setting a new benchmark for saffron production

Our solution consists of a fully automated vertical indoors farm.

Using vertical farming has already been proven to be a highly efficient method of growing spices due to it's controlled environment and large yield per square meter of land used. Yet no-one has to our knowledge applied this practice growing saffron.

We at BlueRedGold takes this practice even further, automating the labor intensive process of picking the stigma from the flower (one of the main contributing factors to the price of saffron).

This is done by a very precise robot, in a way that allows for the flower to stay attached to its stem and roots.
This non-invasive method also allows us to get more flowers per corm bought, year after year.

On top of this we would apply logistical automation that moves the trays between different climate zones and processing areas in the facility, reducing labor costs and overall efficiency even further.Read more about our methodology
Our ambition to create the saffron mega factory has a set of strategic challenges, and we need help from investors to capture this opportunity.

So for the sake of clarity we've outlined the venture using a simple SWOT analysis.


  • A fully automated production cycle
  • Allows for fast scalability without an increase of operational personnel
  • Controlled and predictable yield
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Low labor costs
  • Multiple harvests every year


The saffron sprint is at a stage where the research has been done and technology has been developed but we lack the capital and location to scale the venture to the point where it becomes a economically viable long-term investment.


Current market segment operates with outdated technical and operational procedures, making it a blue market ripe for disruption.

Our team is highly competent at developing and implementing tech-solutions and operational procedures at enterprise scale.


With rising awareness for the technological developments of vertical farming, AI, automation of logistical and operational procedures, it's just a matter of time before these new standards are applied to this market segment. In other words, time is of the essence when it comes to scaling up production, in order to dismay potential competitors from entering the market segment.