With our unique combination of technological and scientific expertise we're bringing a disruptive process to saffron production

Almost all of the saffron being produced today is done so in a highly inefficient manner. Applying our methodology at what we at BlueRedGold call the mega factory, we can become the world's second largest producer of saffron in just three years.

Deep Learning
Contemporary AI is pivotal in highly efficient indoor farming operations. Everything from the picking robot, logistics optimization algorithms, spectral cameras, and more use deep neural networks to make smart decisions
Our delicate picking robot automatically finds and picks a saffron flower stigma every few seconds, tirelessly, 24 hours a day, all year. Over a hundred such robots are necessary for picking the saffron produced in one facility
The storage and transportation of plants within the facility will be fully automated using robots that are purpose-built for high-density warehousing. Custom AI-driven optimization algorithms will allow us to continuously improve density and efficiency
Vertical Farming
We will have four times more corms per square meter compared to the best traditional farmers in the world - then we also stack vertically. In practice this means our 4000 m2 farm provides the equivalent of 360 000 m2 of land
We don't use soil in our system. Instead we use water with added nutrients. This enables us to grow more on a smaller area and also give the exact amount of nutrients needed at all times
Artificial Climate Zones
We are mimicking Autumn, Winter and Summer in a way that fast-forwards a year. Apart from optimizing to get better quality and more yield, we also get more than one harvest per year
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